Nomer Telpon Kalstar Balikpapan

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Nomer Telpon Kalstar Balikpapan

Kalstar aviation balikpapan - malang pukul 10.40 wita Pulang pergi
balikpapan -solo pukul 14.55 wita Pulang pergi

hubungi kalstar balikpapan 0542-737373, 736622

Terbang Langsung Effektif Mulai 17 Jan 2014

Malang – Balikpapan Etd 11.40 Wib – Eta 14.15 Wita Harga Mulai Idr 599.000

Balikpapan – Malang Etd 10.40 Wita – Eta 11.15 Wib Harga Mulai Idr 599.000

Kalstar aviation balikpapan - malang Return at 10:40 pm
balikpapan-solo Return 14:55 pm

Kalstar balikpapan contact 0542-737373, 736 622

Kalstar aviation will open a new route on 26 December 2013. These are in the open area of East Java and Central Java. seek 80 percent load factor. The aircraft used is a Boeing 737-500 aircraft with 125 seat capacity. each day the aircraft will be departing from an international airport with a bowl of ticket prices in the range of rp. 600.000, -. only practical Kalstar serving the balikpapan solo so expect to increase flight.

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