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Free TwitterMoneyBot - TwitterMoneyBot: 
Free TwitterMoneyBot

“Twitter Money Bot” Features:
- Able To Add Unlimited Twitter Accounts
- Proxy Support
- Extremely Fast Username Scraper & User ID Scraper
- Too Fast Username And User ID Follower
- Unfollower
- Unfollow Users Who Don’t Follow You Back Feature
- Reply & Mention Generator
- Tweet Poster
- Avatar Scraper
- No Monthly Fees
- Lifetime Update & Support
- The Cheapest Twitter Marketing Tool On The Market
You can manage your accounts easily

You can scrape thousands of twitter user’s in just minutes
You can follow twitter users with the Username Follower
Also, you can scrape user ID’s of twitter users, and follow/unfollow them. User ID follower/unfollower is faster than Username Follower.

You can Follow Other User’s Followers, Follow Other User’s Followings, Unfollow Your Followers/Followings And Unfollow Users Who Don’t Follow You Back Through “User ID Scraper”, “NonFollowers Analyzer” And “User ID Follower/Unfollower” Features.

You can scrape twitter user’s avatars with the Avatar Scraper
And Finally! Auto Tweet : you can post many tweets to twitter in seconds with the Tweet Poster

TwitterMoneyBot http://twittermoneybot

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