Twitter Tool: Tweepi

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Twitter Tool: Tweepi - is a website that lets you find Twitter users, get information about them, and follow them. You can also use it to manage your followers. Here’s how you can use Tweepi to find potential customers.
Twitter Tool: Tweepi

Scenario: You’re planning a wine-tasting event in Seattle, which will take place in a few months. You want to start following people who might be interested in attending: wine afficianados in your area.

Start with Twitter’s People Search
Go to Twitter and search for people or businesses whom your customers might follow. In this example, we’re looking for people in Seattle who are interested in wine. So, we’ll search for “Seattle Wine.”
Examine the results for an account that has followers likely to be interested in your event. In this case, one of the accounts, @20somethingwine, is for a wine tasting event. It has 1455 followers–chances are many of them would be interested in your wine-tasting event, too.

Use Tweepi to See Followers
The next step is to go to Tweepi. Open a new window and go to Click the Login for free button to log in using your Twitter credentials.
Tweepi allows you to do several tasks. Under Manage Twitter, you can unfollow people who aren’t following you or follow back people who are. In this case, under Follow Tweeps, select @user’s followers.
Enter the handle of the account we found in our Twitter search, @20somethingwine, and then click the Start following button. (Don’t worry, you won’t actually follow all of that account’s users.)

Select Information to View about People
Now, you can see all the people following this user’s account. You can look at all sorts of information about these followers. The next step is to select the information you want to see about each user. In this case, we’re looking for potential attendees for our event. Click Columns to see a list of information you can display.
Let’s look at people’s Bios to see if they mention wine, and also display their Location. We want people who are activey using Twitter–it won’t do us any good to connect on Twitter with people who never use Twitter. So, we’ll select Last Tweet, which will tell us when the user last tweeted, and Last Checked, to see when they last logged into Twitter. (Remember, some users read the stream but tweet very little.)

Filter to Reduce the List
We only want to see people located in the Seattle area, so let’s use the Filter option. Point to the Location column and a down arrow will appear. Click on it and then point to Filter. Enter Seattle in the text box to filter out anyone who isn’t in Seattle.
Now, you can look through the accounts. In this case, you’re looking for real people (not business accounts) who have tweeted or checked Twitter fairly recently, and especially people whose bio mentions an interest in wine. Like this person:
He looks like he’d be interested in a Wine tasting event!

Select and Follow People
When you see someone you want to follow, check the box. Tweepi (the free version) shows you 20 people per page. At the bottom of the page, just click the Follow button to follow the people you’ve selected.
If things go well, they’ll follow you back. Even if they don’t, you have the opportunity to start a conversation with them, now that you’re following them.
You can do a lot more with Tweepi, including adding people to lists, and viewing statistics to help you find potential influencers or curators. But that’s for another post. In the meantime, try out Tweepi to discover some great new people to follow.

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